Compressed air pipe and fitting

Our Prevost Piping System - PPS line: 100% aluminium pipe and fittings; compact, lightweight and durable.                                                                                    
The line is TUV certified, meets QUALICOAT requirements, is compliant with REACH and the fire rating standard for building products and components (EN 13501-1) are met.

The Prevost Piping System line guarantees:
-A clean, high quality air supply
- A leak free system with optimised flow rates
- Maximum pressure of 16 bar
- PVR line: Made from PVC and resilient material forming a flexible, but permanent, solution. Fittings, tubes and accessories are available.             

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Accessories (14)
Mounting accessories (10)
Assembly accessories (14)
Assembly parts (8)

Product family

Workstation arrangement (18)
Networks (79)


Compressed air (54)
Inert gases and fluids (1)


To mount accessories (5)
To mount hose reels (9)

Product range

Wall-mounting decks (18)
PPS networks - All aluminium (52)
PVR networks - All PVC (21)


Distribution (102)


Aluminium (33)
PVC (21)


Cap (2)
45° elbow (1)
90° elbow (2)
Equal elbow (3)
Liner (2)
Straight fitting (5)
T-connector (6)
Rigid tube (6)