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Product demonstrations, installation guides and best practice videos are a great starting point to create an air system that will improve productivity and efficiencey in your shop.

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Compressed air network

The 100% aluminium PPS compressed air network - PREVOST PIPING SYSTEM

Discover our complete 100% aluminium compressed air system line, Prevost Piping System (PPS). Easy and quick to install for instant pressurisation.

How to mount fittings on pipes?

The 100% aluminium PPS compressed air network - PREVOST PIPING SYSTEM

We put together a guide to to help you efficiently and securely install a Prevost Piping System. The tools used in this video are listed at the end of the YouTube description.

Installing a tapping flange on the 100% aluminium PPS compressed air system - PREVOST PIPING SYSTEM

Easily install PPS tapping flanges on your Prevost Piping System compressed air network.

How to attach your Prevost Piping System compressed air network 100% aluminium PREVOST PIPING SYSTEM network

Learn step-by-step how to mount clamps on a PREVOST PIPING SYSTEM compressed air network.

Compressed air couplings

Using the prevoS1 quick safety coupling

Learn more about the many uses of the prevoS1 coupling in this video. The prevoS1 line of quick safety couplings is an essential tool in day-to-day operations.

These quick couplings can connect and disconnect in complete safety with a single push of a button. This innovative tool increases operational efficiency and enhances productivity.

Our line of compressed air couplings

prevoS1 quick safety couplings

With a three year guarantee, the prevoS1 coupling's patented technology out performs any coupling on the market. View the prevoS1 line video.

Compressed air blow guns

Learn more about prevoS1 blow guns

Easy to use and handle, prevoS1 blow guns feature built-in adaptors compatible with all the major standards.