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Become a compressed air specialist.

We host and customise training sessions
to further your team's compressed air knowledge.

Compressed air training topics

Compressed air is used differently in various industries, choose the class that best fits your business needs:
- The basics of compressed air
- Compressed air fittings
- Design a compressed air system
- Prevost Piping System - PPS installation
- Air treatment
- Fittings for cooling injection press moulds
- Blow guns
- Pneumatic tools

Target audience

These courses enhance Prevost product knowledge and cover basic compressed air science.
It is also designed for professionals looking to incorporate energy efficiency into their business and marketing strategies.
Attendees typically include: engineering firms, maintanence technicians, installers, energy providers, trade schools, etc.

Training Locations

We offer several classes on our premises, in a dedicated and fully equipped training room. Our sales team will come to you!

We offer onsite individual or small group training.
Contact us today to set up a session.