The prevoS1 blowguns for compressed air

Major advantages

A Prevost concept: patented and protected worldwide exclusivity.
The prevoS1 range stands for high quality, ease of use, safety, performance and durability.

Product strong points

> Blowgun with low air consumption and integrated adaptor, eliminating the risk of leaks. Make energy savings!

> Easy to use: ergonomics and design developed by our R&D department to ensure a perfect fit with the prevoS1 coupling. The coupling becomes the assembly’s handle.

> The assembly is completely hermetically sealed to external elements and ensures that the prevoS1 blowgun has a long service life.

> Body in polyamide composite: robust, lightweight and insulating for comfortable use of the tool. Electrical insulation resistant to abrasion, impacts and chemical environments.

Advantages: All materials used in the prevoS1 blowgun are compliant with the RoSH and REACH directives.

Maximum operating pressure : 12 bar
Recommended pressure : 6 bar
Operating temperature range : -15°C to +70°C


The prevoS1 Blowgun

A comprehensive range

There are two models of blowgun in the prevoS1 range.

Standard model

Standard model

Standard model available with six different nozzle versions, offering appropriate blowing capacities.

Pocket model

Pocket model

Ultra-compact pocket model, with an OSHA composite nozzle. Extremely compact, high flow rate, totally scratch resistant.

Each nozzle corresponds to precise needs in terms of safety, noise level, blowing power, dynamic pressure and air consumption:

The prevoS1 blowguns are available on a clip for self-service sales.

Global concept

The prevoS1 coupling serves as a handle for the assembly when using the blowgun, ensuring real ease of use.

In addition to providing an excellent grip, the blowgun/coupling combination eliminates the risk of leaks between the coupling and the tool. Find out more about the prevoS1 quick safety coupling.


Reduce the space occupied by the blowgun at your workstation, thanks to the BGFIX wall mount. Your tool is always to hand and can be detached in an instant.

The wall mount is also available with two integrated magnets, allowing it to be moved to different positions within your working area.

BGFIX and BGFIXM are compatible with the 27102 blowgun.

Work with peace of mind, thanks to the ECP protector. It ensures a fully non-scratch link between the coupling and the hose, covering the clamp. Designed for automotive maintenance, bodywork, and other sensitive applications. Two protector models are available.

Compatibility and model

International compatibility: Available in different international profiles

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