Automotive industry

Bodywork/paint applications


Compressed air treatment

Paints with a water-soluble base require technical filtration in order to ensure a quality finish.

The MICRO AIR range offers the performance required for this type of use. The MICRO AIR range can be used to fit out anything from a single workstation to an entire application line.

Compressed air supply

The STOFLEX range of hoses meets all requirements in this sector: anti-static, silicone-free, great flexibility and heat-resistance (up to 100°C). These properties make this the most sought-after hose in this field.

Connections in paint booths and on painting lines

Operators require connection tools that offer excellent performance in terms of flow rate, lightness, simplicity and safety.

The prevoS1, quick safety coupling is anti-static, non-scratch and compatible with ATEX standards, thus meeting all these needs and making it a must-have in this field.

Garage and quick service workshops

Pneumatic circuit connections

Operator safety is foremost concern. It is for this reason that PREVOST offers a prevoS1 range of couplings that enable pressure relief without the risk of whiplash and disconnection without endangering the user, nearby products or equipment. Thus, operators can change pneumatic tools in just one risk-free step.

The prevoS1 safety quick coupler meets the requirements of the ISO 4414 standard relating to the safety of people.

The maximum permissible flow rate using these couplings ensures optimal tool performance: the 11 mm internal diameter allows a very high flow rate so that even the largest pneumatic tools can operate at full capacity (optimal for 1” impact wrench).

Furthermore, the prevoS1 coupling is lightweight and non-scratch so as to protect delicate surfaces.

Distinguishing between pneumatic circuits

Today, quick service workshops use compressed air for various purposes. Air may be dry for blowing and inflating purposes.

When used for pneumatic tools. To differentiate between the various pneumatic circuits, PREVOST has developed different profiles using different colours. The use of a colour code serves to facilitate differentiation. Refer to prevoS1 quick safety couplings.


Compressed air supply

In quick service workshops, thought must be put into the operator's movements, so as to optimise the time spent working on the vehicle.

PREVOST offers a comprehensive range of PUS retractable flexible hoses that enable this objective to be achieved while maintaining the necessary technical properties in terms of flow rate, resistance and appearance. PUS coiled hoses are extremely resistant to impacts, friction, crushing, torsion, etc. In addition, the same colour codes can be used as for couplings, as the PUS coiled hoses are available in a range of colours.

The specific nature of conditions in this sector, such as impacts, crushing, traction and torsion, mean that workstation safety must be considered at all times. PREVOST hose reels are extremely robust and essential to workshop ergonomics, thus ensuring that safety requirements are fully met. They enabling ground-level hoses to be stored, thus avoiding accidental falls.