High-flow compressed air coupling

The new high-flow Ø11mm prevoS1 safety quick coupling is available!

With the largest passage diameter in the prevoS1 range and a composite body, the new 11EB coupling is recommended for uses requiring high flow in garages, workshops and for industrial applications.

This new coupler is equipped with patented and protected single-pulse "One Push" technology (anti-whiplash security).

11EB couplings: standards and profiles

The larger the diameter of pipe, the higher the air flow which can increase the risk of dangerous hose whip to occur.

To make the disconnection process as secure as possible, we recommend using prevoS1 safety quick couplers.

The new 11EB safety quick coupling is available in profiles
I (ISO 6150 B, blue)
E (European, green)
U (Truflate, red)

PrevoS1 Ø11mm coupling: composite or metal body

Two types of fittings with a passage diameter of 11mm are available in the prevoS1 range.
Which is best suited to your activity?

Composite safety quick coupling:

Body : Polyamide composite
Flow under 6 bar : 3686 l/min (ΔP = 0,6 bar)
Weight : 177g
Pressure : 2 to 12 bar
Special feature: Anti-scratch | Lightweight | Anti-static
Application : Garage | Workshop | Industry

Stainless steel safety quick coupling:

Body : Stainless steel
Flow under 6 bar: 3686 l/min (ΔP = 0,6 bar)
Weight: 445g
Pressure: 2 to 16 bar
Special feature: Extremely robust | Anti-corrosion treatment | Anti-static
Application : Heavy Duty | BTP | Ship yards

Ø11 mm extension and anti-scratch systems

The 11EB safety quick coupler has a scratch-resistant composite body.

A scratch from the ear collar on your hose can spoil several hours of work, costing you and your teams time and money.

We have developed new protectors (ECP) for hose diameters Ø13mm, Ø16mm and Ø19mm in parallel with our new fitting to avoid any risk of scratches in your activity.

You can get the elements separately (stainless steel ear collars and protector), or assembled by us at the headquarters in Annecy.

Not to neglect !

Compressed air connections

Quality bits allow your pneumatic tools to operate
with an optimized flow rate and drastically reduces the risk of air leakage.

We offer a wide range of connection options: nitrided steel, anti-corrosive, pre-inflated.
Stainless steel, 365 clamps are offered in a kit of assorted sizes.

The prevoS1 compressed air couplings

Patented and protected innovation, prevoS1 safety quick couplers revolutionize the secure connection for compressed air.

prevoS1 couplings: new 2021 documentation

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