Industrial sector

Thermoplastics industry

Injection moulding machines

Cooling system connections:

Owing to the high temperatures involved in the plastic injection process, a permanent cooling system must be in place for the moulds.

CPI couplings can be used to connect such cooling water circuits, providing a perfect seal with rapid connection/disconnection times, thus enabling time savings when changing moulds.

Supply of fluids

Moulding machines require two different fluids to operate: water for the cooling system, and air for the blowing system. We recommend LOCKFLEX hoses for both cases.

A colour code serves to identify the fluids: blue for cooling and red for heating.

This air or water supply pipe is self-tightening, abrasion-resistant, and silicone-free. It also offers good resistance to ozone.


Weaving workshops

Pneumatic connections

In weaving workshops and, specifically, in relation to looms, operators must use clean equipment that does not leave stains.Couplings that are often in contact with the product being made must comply with this requirement.

The prevoS1 quick safety coupling, is made of composite materials that do not leave marks. Furthermore, prevoS1 meets all operator needs, in terms of ergonomics, safety, service life and performance.

Wood industry

Air supply

In order to supply compressed air to the workstation, in workshops that are often subject to harsh climatic conditions, Prevost has developed a range of extension hoses AIRCA using a heavy-duty compressed air pipe intended to withstand the harshest usage: excellent resistance to abrasion and lubrication, and good flexibility, even at low temperatures.

Air drying

One of the major problems faced in sawmills is the presence of water in compressed air. During extremely cold weather, this water can turn to ice and bring the entire work process to a halt. Given that temperatures in sawmills are often very low, it is essential to choose a suitable drying method in order to maintain activities.

Our two types of air dryer, either the ALTITUDE cooling model or the ALASKA adsorption model, are designed to treat air in very low temperature conditions, thus ensuring that work can continue without any risk of the cylinders freezing.

Food processing industry


Pneumatic connections on machinery

Most packaging and bottling machines are pneumatic. CONEX RX stainless steel push-in fittings are intended for applications of this kind. These couplings are designed for use both in machinery and in pneumatic units. In order to meet food-grade requirements, CONEX RX couplings are made of 316 stainless steel and fitted with Viton seals.

Air treatment

The quality of air used in the bottling of liquid food products must comply with food processing standards. MICRO AIR activated carbon filters are designed for applications of this kind.

Abattoirs and meat-cutting facilities

Slaughter lines

Pneumatic connections on production lines

The materials used in this industry must be highly resistant in order to withstand constant humidity and the presence of brine and detergents PROXI couplings are made of composite materials and stainless steel. These products are designed to meet the particularly aggressive conditions found in these facilities. The design of the inner section of these couplings ensure that the connection is perfectly sealed, even in these harsh conditions.

Water connections

The cleaning of abattoir lines calls for the use of water connections that are highly impact-resistant, to withstand being dropped on hard floor surfaces. ELS water connections offer excellent performance in terms of flow rate and are ideal for this usage.


In abattoirs, the need for disinfection is paramount. It is essential for washing equipment on abattoir lines to be made from stainless steel.

To this end, Prevost offers a comprehensive range of stainless steel hose reels (DSFI, DRFI, DMOI, DGOI, DLOI)in association with a 316 stainless steel industrial washing spray gun (PL JETI).

Automotive industry

Automotive manufacture

Assembly lines

Pneumatic connections for tools

When changing tools at a workstation, two factors are of particular importance: the speed and safety of connection and disconnection. The prevoS1 coupling enables tools to be changed quickly in a single step. It meets all requirements set out by the ISO 4414 safety standard, protecting the operator, workpiece and equipment from whiplash. The coupling's optimised flow rate ensures that the tool is fully operational.

Workstation arrangement

In many cases, on assembly lines, the workstation is mobile and equipment must therefore be moveable.

PLA metal fastening plates, combined with attachment systems suitable for HEA/IPN,beams, are the ideal solution for fitting out such workstations. Used in association with attachment systems suitable for HEA beams, these plates can be used to fasten the following safely, quickly and in compliance with prevailing regulations:

Polyurethane PUS coiled hoses are extremely flexible, giving them excellent stretch and retraction capabilities. The ends are straight to facilitate handling, and the link between the coupling and the tool rotates.