PPS1 BA - Band Kit 10

Technical specifications
  • Technology :PPS Grip Concept
  • Operating pressure :0 to 16 bar
  • Vacuum capability :-0.98 bar (vacuum 98%)
  • Temperature :-20°C to +80°C
  • Construction :Pipe and fittings: alu.
  • Highlight :Scalable system
  • Meets standards :PED REACH
(unit of sales = 10 band)
  • Description
  • Description
For fitting Ø (mm) Reference
16 PPS1 BA16
20 PPS1 BA20
25 PPS1 BA25
32 PPS1 BA32
40 PPS1 BA40
50 PPS1 BA50
63 PPS1 BA63
80 PPS1 BA80
100 PPS1 BA100
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