ISOFLAM welding: for oxygen and acetylene. These products guarantee the welder's safety when connecting and disconnecting pipes and the blowtorch.

ISOFLAM fittings are essential components, recommended for brazing, welding and braze welding facilities.

These products comply with the following international standards:
- Safety device for welding: International standard ISO 5175 and European standard NF EN 730
- Shut-off fitting system for welding: ISO 7289 international standard and EN 5611 European standard

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Flame and gas arresting

No (6)
Yes (7)

Product family

Quick couplings and adaptors (13)


Inert gases and fluids (13)


Protection of installations or network on cylinder side (2)
Protection of welder close to blowtorch (4)
Coupling for hoses/extensions (5)

Product range

For welding - ISOFLAM (13)


Connection (13)


Standard (13)


Double plugs – Oxygen and Acetylene (2)
Single plugs - Oxygen and Acetylene (1)
Complete Duo kits - Oxygen and Acetylene (2)
Complete Mono kits - Oxygen and Acetylene (3)
Duo extension couplings - Oxygen and Acetylene (1)
Single safety quick couplings - Oxygen and Acetylene (4)