Filter-Regulator-Lubricator ALTO 3 on gantry - Medium pressure

Technical specifications
  • Temperature :+5°C to +50 °C
  • Construction :Body : Aluminium
    Polycarbonate bowl with metallic protection
  • Highlight :Easy to transport
  • Equipped with :Coupler and adaptor
Modules with metal bowl without sight glass and pressure gauge: 0-16 bar
Inlet pressure: 20 bar
Outlet pressure: 0.5-12.5 bar
  • Description
  • Dimensions
  • Description
Profile Filtration (µm) Flow rate (l/min at 6 bar ΔP=0,6bar) Inlet 1 adaptor Outlet 2 couplings Reference
European 7.4 mm 40 1820 ERP 07 ESI 07 PT HPES
ISO 6150 B 40 833 IRP 06 ISI 06 PT HPIS
ISO 6150 B 40 2028 IRP 08 ISI 08 PT HPIS8
  • Dimensions
A (mm) B (mm) Reference
303 417 PT HPES
303 417 PT HPIS
303 417 PT HPIS8
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