Ringmain drawing

Knowing exactly what kind and size of compressed air ringmain is needed is not always easy.

There are many considerations to take into account when designing a ringmain :

  • system dimensions
  • desired flow rates and pressures at each workstation
  • manifold diameter required to avoid creating pressure losses along the ringmain
  • the best material for the application (PPS or PVR ringmains)

Once these considerations have been addressed, the workstations must be fitted with equipment or supply lines depending on their purpose :

  • single or double wall fasteners with couplers for blowing or inflation
  • filters for paint, FRLs for pneumatic tools
  • etc...

Prevost's in-house team analyses your needs, provides you with advice and calculates the cost of your ringmain.


This service is split into three parts :

  • A general diagram of your compressed air ring main complete with downpipes is drawn so that you can see the                     location and layout of your system in your building.

  • A detailed drawing identifying the connections and purposes of each downpipe is then generated.

  • A complete quote listing each item, the corresponding quantities, and the price of the proposed ringmain is provided              for your consideration.

The advantage of this system is that you have both a comprehensive and detailed view of your project.