Prevost expands its PrevoS1 range

Prevost drove its expansion in the UK market by adding a one-touch safety quick coupling with British profile to its newest flagship range, the PrevoS1. This new coupling will allow Prevost to consolidate its position as a leading name in innovative quick couplings for compressed air.

This new coupling confirms Prevost's commitment to international expansion and adds yet another model of coupling to the company's PrevoS1 range, which is now available in the following profiles: ISO 6150 B, ARO 210, European (7.2-7.4), Truflate, and British.

Remember: the PrevoS range is being replaced by the PrevoS1 range. Besides its modern, ergonomic design that provides a superior grip, the new range's main feature is its one-touch release button. A single press vents the pressure and disconnects pneumatic systems and tools. .