Paint spray gun for auto finishing, refinishing and detail work

Technical specifications
  • Construction :Body : Aluminium
    Needle : Stainless steel
  • Applications :Automotive and industrial sectors
  • Highlight :Three types of adjustment (width of stream, paint flow rate and air flow rate)
  • BSPP male thread :G 1/4
Blue anodised aluminium body
0,125-litre polyamide cup
Working pressure: 2,6 to 4 bar
Air consumption: 85 to 140 l/min
Weight: 300 g
G 1/4 M connection
M14 x 1,0P cup connection thread
  • Description
  • Dimensions
  • Description
Nozzle Ø (mm) Reference
0.5 CAR G051
0.8 CAR G05
1 CAR G052
  • Dimensions
A (mm) B (mm) Reference
100 245 CAR G051
100 245 CAR G05
100 245 CAR G052
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