Compressed air networks: AMPS Concept

AMPS is a simple and reliable aluminium profile connection system for the installation of compressed air distribution networks.

AMPS uses a specific aluminium profile whose geometry has been developed to ensure the distribution of compressed air. It is a unique and innovative system.
Approved and certified by the German certification organisation, TÜV, AMPS offers the assurance of a reliable and approved system.

Assembly and installation is performed without the need for preparation or specific tools.
The profile is cut to the desired length and directly assembled with the appropriate couplings.
Multiple combinations are possible and extensively modifiable. The AMPS range brings optimal solutions for the installation of compressed air networks.

The assembly components are perfectly suited and allow the assembly of robust, reliable and well-finished installations, whether for large industrial facilities, small installations or workstation equipment.
Tube internal diameter:
Ø 25 mm, 38 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm and 100 mm

Technical specifications:
Profiles and couplings: AW6063 - T66 aluminium
Coupling seals: NBR 70 rubber
Service pressure: -0.99 - 15 bar
Temperature range: -40° C to +100° C
Fluid: compressed air.

The design of the AMPS system endows it with all the qualities of aluminium profiles applied to the distribution of compressed air: